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The Comedy Studio in Union Square has cemented its reputation as the area's top laugh lab. It's also earned a solid reputation among industry heavyweights as a "must-visit" club for anyone seeking cutting-edge performers or writers for future television projects. The Comedy Studio - no better breeding ground around.

About The Studio
The Comedy Studio was formed when a bunch of comedians looked around the industry and thought, "We could add a new twist to this". Sometimes that means new talent, sometime it's veterans pushing their boundaries. We assume more from the audience, and we demand more from ourselves. The casual, open, atmosphere of the Studio is the place where fresh talent is discovered and where national headliners come to try out their new material and polish up the old.

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The Comedy Studio/Variety is a home that welcomes, encourages, and supports an active creative community to pursue and develop excellence in the comedic arts.

We are committed to creating an environment that promotes respect, responsibility, integrity, creativity, and value for all our staff, guests, performers, and other stakeholders. We all share in the responsibility of maintaining the quality of this creative environment.

Our Code of Conduct can be found here.