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Why join as a member?  Well, it’s very nearly not much money, which isn’t bad. So, rather than just buying tickets and getting the newsletter as the average outsider might, have a look at what handing over your hard-earned electronic money can get you instead.

Average ticket prices are $20-$30, so you’ll save the monthly membership rate with the first time you come and enjoy yourself with your friends.  There’s never been a better bargain on our website, and hurry to buy, because very soon this amaze/cool/unprofitable (delete as appropriate) offer will run out (spoiler alert, it won’t) but hurry anyway for no reason at all except for the fun you’re going to have.

Participating Restaurants

Why not celebrate your Harvard Square visit by using your membership card at one of our partners to get a well-earned discount and relax from all that laughing you’ve done (or about to do).

To receive the offers below, you need to show your real Comedy Studio membership card and they may ask for valid ID – you know, to check are you really you since you look younger/wiser/hairier (again, delete as appropriate)

These special offers (and the links) will go live when we open in June with more restaurants signing up this month – or at least they will shortly after reading this.